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Bernardo Buechner Regazzoni

Im Rosenberg 2

53179 Bonn - GERMANY

+49 (0)160 4453287



















Our history

I started breeding and showing miniature schnauzers in Uruguay at the age of fifteen.

My foundation dam: Int.Ch.Gr.Ch.Urug.Ch.Lat.Ch. Bonne von Haussmann, was bred in Uruguay by Ms. Alicia de Ferrand, and descended from the best American lines of that time. Her pedigree reaches back to breed history maker's Am.Ch. Valharra's Dionysos and Am.Ch. Penlan Peter Gunn, among others.


Being myself one of the first breeders in the region, my dogs are represented in the pedigrees of several contemporary kennels of Uruguay and Argentina. Zelebrität miniature schnauzers can be found in the pedigrees of many leading dogs in Europe and North-America as well.

After completing my judge´s education in Uruguay and obtaining license to judge all breeds in FCI Group 4, and all three schnauzers, I moved to Germany in 1996 where I started a new breeding programme combining the best of my original lines with the best of German and Spanish lines.


Researching on the origins, development and status of the miniature schnauzer in Europe has been at times challenging, but always very educating and encouraging. I wish all schnauzer lovers would have this opportunity to discover the original miniature schnauzer. 



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